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OLN Spring Institute 2014


Winston Cornwall addresses OLN

This year's Spring Leadership Institute, "50 Years Later: Civil Rights, Social Justice, and Equity in Oregon’s Classrooms," on April 15, 2014 at the Salem Convention Center explored the Civil Rights Movement's past and present, featuring sessions focused on bringing equity to Oregon's classrooms.

Learn more about the event and find resources from the sessions on the event page.

The LEAD Tool

The Leadership for Equity Assessment & Development (LEAD) Tool helps schools and districts develop organizational leadership capacity for equity. Through a set of rubrics, leadership teams work together to eliminate race-, class-, and other group-based disparities in student opportunities and outcomes. Educational leadership students can also use the tool as part of their instructional and licensure coursework:

  • Identifies 10 high-leverage, research-based practices for equity
  • Provides a collaborative dashboard for team learning, resource sharing, and remote access
  • Helps teams assess their equity practices using an interactive rating system
  • Records progress in a password-protected online portfolio
  • Provides professional learning resources including articles, videos, and the latest research
  • Aligns with the national Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Standards and with Oregon Educational Leadership/Administrator Standards

Visit the LEAD™ Tool site for more resources to support implementation.


Equity Team Protocol

Resource: This Equity Team Protocol was developed by OLN experts as a guide for designing the structure, role, and work of your own team

Governor Kitzhaber

Video: Highlights from the Fall 2013 OLN Institute, including talking points from Governor Kitzhaber and Chief Education Officer Nancy Golden.

Patrick Camangian

Video: Dr. Patrick Camangian delivers his keynote - "Teach Like Lives Depend On It: Agitate, Arouse, and Inspire" at OLN's 2013 Spring Institute.

Principal Leadership

Article: What can educational leaders learn from the experience of OLN districts?

Eliminating Disparities

Article: Research shows differences in exclusionary discipline are often rooted in policy and practice decisions.